The Stress Detector idea stems from a 2016 peer group of psychologists. The group was made up of clinical, business and neuro psychologists. At the first meeting held by the group, it was clear that the group's objective was to solve the eternal problem that stress presents. There was a strong desire to collate the 100+ years of professional experience in terms of both stress prevention and treatment represented in the group. The group also wanted to review all accessible knowledge on the origin and prevention of work-related stress to offer a new, radical solution. Over the years, the group held meetings and developed a joint model aimed at the identification of stress-related disorders and the appropriate intervention.


The model offered something entirely new and unique: A 3D model of our understanding of stress prevention. The 3D elements consist of:


  1. Individual's assessment of own life circumstances.

  2. Partner's/closest network's or immediate manager's assessment of the life circumstances of the individual.

  3. A time dimension. The assessments provided by the three parties (individual, partner/network and manager) of changes in the past until today as well as their assessment of changes going forward.


The 3D model documents areas where the workplace and individual may act to prevent stress. The 3D model may work as an early warning system in the sense that it is a predictor of where stress may occur. The 3D model may show available capacity (Work Agility) where special efforts are needed, e.g. ahead of a particularly busy or demanding period at the workplace. Two peers in the group chose to work on and develop a commercial version of the 3D model. This was called the Stress Detector. The 3D model was translated into a prototype featuring a questionnaire, an algorithm for the processing of collected data and a report generator. The prototype was successfully tested in beta companies forming the basis of the model we are currently using. ​


Henrik Hopff is a business psychologist. Cand. Psych. Authorised. Specialist and supervisor approval. Trained in systemic and cognitive therapy as well as Innovative Thinking System™. Henrik started and founded a number of professional networks promoting business psychology and general psychology methods.

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Per Hulstrøm is a business psychologist. Authorised by the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice (Psykolognævnet). Specialises in work and organizational psychology. Specialist and supervisor in work and organisational psychology. Member of the Danish Psychological Association (Dansk Psykolog Forening). Member of the Danish Association of Crisis and Disaster Psychology Operational Preparedness (Dansk Krise- og Katastrofepsykologisk Selskab). Group analytic psychotherapist at the Institute of Group Analysis (Institut for Gruppeanalyse), Copenhagen.

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We're breaking the code in terms of stress prevention in the workplace. Our tools are: A preventative strategy against stress (requiring organisational analysis, psychoeducation (PE), management intervention, behavioural strategies, unlearning and new learning.


Multi-faceted stress intervention at a personal, departmental or selected level. Focus on specific stresses and strains, which may be identified and verified. Special knowledge in the field of building mental and psychological resilience and changing the mental patterns of the individual.