Analysis of all parameters contributing to stress, both in the past, now and in the future, as regards the individual employee and the company in general. 


Stress Detector is the only strategy identifying stress parameters taking a 3D view. Stress Detector analyses the correlation between INDIVIDUAL WELL-BEING - NETWORK - IMMEDIATE MANAGERS.


The unique aspect of Stress Detector is that we use the 3D view to map out the correlation between WORK, HOME and ORGANISATION, thus providing a more in-depth view of any issues than usually offered by standard reviews of job satisfaction and well-being.


Stress Detector runs follow up reviews after 6 and 12 months respectively offering ongoing embedding coaching sessions with the employees.

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On-going analysis of whether the stress-reducing measures taken by the company remain efficient. 

A 3D review of the preventative measures of the company with inputs from employees, network and company.

Review of all participating employees at a conference identifying employees potentially developing stress. 

Work Agility. A tool forecasting capacity in the organisation for new demanding initiatives.

Coaching of employees suffering from stress.